Kinstretch Series

Week One: CARs and the Lower Legs

  • In week one the focus is on getting memorizing the CARs routine and practicing PAILs & RAILs for the lower leg. 
  • Complete the CARs routine once or more a day and the lower leg section at least twice.
  • Follow this link to get to the additional CARs videos for home training: CARs Breakdowns
  • Feel free to email me with any questions you have.
  • For week two the focus is on improving CARs, doing the routine daily and learning PAILs/RAILs for the hips in 90/90
  • Do CARs daily and practice the class below twice this week

Week Three: Hips and Spine

This week is all about refining your work in the 90/90, isolating hip strengthening and understanding spinal flexion and extension.

Week Four: Hips & Shoulders

Reference for PAILs/RAILs for the shoulder capsule and working into your hips.