My right shoulder gave me trouble for years. I tried all sorts of therapy and just kept re-injuring it. After working with Ben I quickly stabilized my shoulder and now we’ve begun to work on other pesky annoyances and build more mobility and functional capacity to support all my physical activities.
Doug Ferguson
Boxing, Pilates, Strength Training & CEO Voltage Control
I had a total knee transplant back in 2008 and have struggled with pain and stiffness ever since…that is, until I became a regular client of Ben’s. The combination of massage and stretches he’s suggested over the past three years have changed my life! I’m pain-free, can navigate stairs again, and can walk all day, just like I used to. Thanks, Ben!
Barba R.
As an avid cyclist, I was experiencing hip pain and stability issues, even after numerous professional bike fits. I went to Ben to eliminate the pain, after working with him on functional range conditioning what resulted was not only pain free riding but also more stable hips and improved knee tracking. More watts with less effort!
Paul Franco
Competitive Cyclist Racing with Violet Crown Austin
Ben Heath is extremely knowledgeable about the anatomy of the human body. His expertise continues to help my body heal from injury. Not only do I leave each session feeling better but he takes the time to give me homework so I can practice healing myself.
Patryce King
Movement Master & Professional Pianist
In 2014 I developed a deep pain in my shoulder and I began losing mobility in my neck. I reached out to Ben as a referral from some friends in the yoga community. After my first session I remember going home, laying down as if a truck hit my body, and realized I had a lot of work to do to keep my joints moving properly. I felt as if he put my shoulder back where it belonged and the rest of my body needed to recalibrate. Up to this point I had received a decent amount of massages, and was also a cheerleader at Virginia Tech where I worked with great athletic trainers. I was not a rookie to injury and recovery. A session with Ben is simply like nothing else. You have to experience it. Through my recovery I maintained a consistent routine of exercises at home along with a visit every other week. After 3-4 weeks I had a brand new relationship with my shoulder. I've been doing hair since 2007, so working with my arms is my livelihood. Ben gave me the tools and knowledge to use the correct muscles in my body to give me better usable ranges of motion. In 2021 Ben is coaching me through reconnecting to my core after having a baby. The exercises he gives me make sense and are very simple. My visits with Ben are like getting an oil change in the car. You have to do the maintenance to keep things running which also includes the exercises he's given me over the last 7 years. My favorite thing about a session with Ben is I'm confident he will empower me with the tools to ensure my body functions for my lifestyle! Ben is such a rare individual because he is a devoted student and teacher. I am so grateful for him and his wife Hilly who worked with me through my pregnancy.
Tracy O'Hargan
Yoga Teacher & Hair Stylist
Nothing has accelerated my physical yoga practice and my understanding of how the body moves as much as bodywork sessions with Ben. His breadth of knowledge encompasses not only movement, but an ability to understand how soft tissue, the nervous system, and muscular learning come together holistically. Whenever I come across an issue, whether it is a physical impingement or a movement plateau, working with Ben helps to identify the problem and get me on the right track to getting stronger and moving forward.
Christine Fenerty
Yoga Teacher & Ashtangi
I can’t say enough about Ben. He’s helped me live a better, healthier life in many ways. When I started coming to him for treatment, I didn’t realize how limited I was physically. He’s helped me to feel better physically and sleep better too! He’s a good listener, and many of the exercises he recommends fit right into my daily activities. I happily recommend Ben to anyone whether they are in pain, recovering from injury, or dealing with life’s stressors. Ben can help!
I love working with Ben. His passion for functional movement combined with a true talent for body work has seriously changed my life. Not only do I feel immediate changes and pain relief after a session, I’m prepared with new awareness and exercises to help enhance my path to healing. He brings areas of weakness in your body to your attention and helps you take matters into your own hands, with a whole host of exercises, personalized to your needs. After working with Ben, I feel empowered to access my body’s true potential and maintain a supported, active lifestyle for the long haul. I am truly grateful for the work he does!
Mandy Wolfson
Therapist at Austin Ashiatsu & Yoga Practitioner
After four years of working with Ben, I can confidently say his guidance has changed my life and expanded my thought process as a coach. Through manual therapy, Functional Range Conditioning, and advancing in a strength program Ben designed, I have managed to avoid a second cervical spine surgery, stop the use of cortisone shots, stay flare free from an Autoimmune disease, and continue to progress in ways I didn't know I could! Training with Ben has led to a reduction in pain, improved mobility, and impacted the way I think about movement all together.
Alex Masi
Movement Trainer & Co-Founder at Swng Productions
Ben knocks you out of your comfort zone in the best way possible. He always takes the time to explain what and why and leaves me moving better — all with a greater understanding of my own joints and patterns. Highly recommended if you're ready to move beyond regular massage and into a greater capacity of pain-free movement!
Sam J.
Yoga Teacher